practicing synthesis

by fascist puppeteer

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Fascist Puppeteer is Brian Ullman. The following are his comments about the songs:

"Trinity test" - This song started with the opening riff, and I just continued to build more riffs around it. The words mostly came from watching an alien documentary on the correlation between our nuclear weapons tests/storage facilities and UFO’s. Then I rediscovered the “Atomic Soldier” documentary on YouTube and that was the final straw for finishing the song.

"Kármán Line" - This was the first song I wrote for this collection. I took the title from a page in my notebook about the atmospheric layers. Something I got excited about after getting into the nitty gritty of audio. The music of this started with the intro riff once again. Actually, inspired after learning a Vince Gill solo. It was fun to play, and I was just chasing the fun.

"Destine Odyssey" - The lyrics to this song were mainly inspired from a documentary on Andre’ Segovia; a world-renowned classical guitarist. Though it starts with my father’s professed childhood fears of “Indians and Quicksand”, thus the need for the “Fanner 50” cap guns.

"Do That Thing" - This song was special to me; due to the fact it was mostly one take on everything. I laid the drums out first, as a map for song structure. After that I was laying down modulated vocals, not knowing where it was going. I was reading out of my notes on my phone and only knew I wanted this song to be “Do That Thing” for me. Which I felt I bit odd chanting in this haha, but it was the message I wanted for sure.

"Demarcation" - This is the last song I wrote for this. I knew I liked the idea of a water theme. I often used earthly themes to hide my personal thoughts and feelings behind. I watched another show talking about the Usselo Soil Horizon and how it was sort of confirmation of the great flood and the prophecy of that; and inferring that was proof of us not being alone.

"Memory Lane" - I almost added vocals to this song, but was happy to have an instrumental similar to some I had done in the past. Using the name “Fascist Puppeteer” allows me to make whatever music I would like, no matter the genre; and I really appreciate that. This song and album are about closing up a chapter and moving on; so, Memory Lane seemed an appropriate title.


released November 8, 2019

All songs written, performed, produced, and mixed by brian ullman

mastered with landr
photographs and puppets by matt jackson
liner notes photos (pages 7 and 9) by mariola dengler
digital packaging by david ullman


all rights reserved


Track Name: trinity test
go on and teach the lesson
deliver the message
do you think they’ll ever lie to you to win this pissing contest?

you think you’re ready to win the war?
the time has come to take to the underground
begin the trinity test

reaching for our destruction potential
a rapid escalation to retrieve the information

do you wonder if they’ll find you in your sleep?
do you wonder who it might be?
a little too creepy?
holding hands lying dead in the middle of the street

a warning sign, this is not the way to go
is it war time? his blood or mine?

on the brink of the truth, green fireballs of radiation
a war in the sky, begin our fissile nation
Track Name: kármán line
such a fragile mind
but memory cuts just like a knife
a little bit of rain by the fireside
it’s the space where you and i collide

when the stars align, put your fears aside
we’ve reached the kármán line; will i find you here?

we’re all longing to belong
something’s better on the other side
if only we could find a cure
faster ballistics, slower rise time

when the stars align, it will be divine
when we’ve past the kármán line
let you and I to hear, to see, to be free

when time divides and we’ve past the kármán line
when the stars align, it will be divine
when we’ve reached that kármán line
we’ll say our goodbyes
just you and I, let our faith provide
Track Name: destine odyssey
indians and quicksand
a fanner 50 on each arm
dreaming with music
just pieces of wax, plastic and silicon
the life of everyone sensitive to poetry
illusions of ways of expressing the feelings of the heart
leitmotif of my life
architect of air, light and color

white to red, red to black
i had to let go of the idea of you
hope in existence, to set myself free

let the rot settle in
like a fly drawn to shit
full of bereavement
after all, anger is more useful than fear
left thinking to myself, what am I left still doing here?
continuing momentum
building mental fortitude
happy animals swimming about
hypothesis to emergent truth
miracles come to those who deserve
in order to obey his destiny
a full 2lbs of nitrogen
the sound of the soul inside of me
Track Name: do that thing
buffalo and the buffaloman
a complete red herring
red evening darkened to a monochrome
you say it’s all the 1’s and 0’s
i say it’s the 1’s and 2’s
peddling palliatives instead of cures
a masterpiece of concealment
you do that thing for me
do that thing for me
do that thing for you
do that thing for me
i just can’t get enough
do that thing for me
do that thing for me
Track Name: demarcation
the years go flowing by now
carrying illusions of change
for what we saw as solid begins to fade away
shifting of directions
challenge our positions
so fearful of the rain
the rising of the oceans
changing distributions
find balance where we may

all we need is to listen to our dreams
the price we pay is the journey so it seems

rapid changing tides
burning deep inside
discovering new pain
a new conflagration changing the rotation
finding our new way

there you go again
you’ve pushed them all away
a demarcation of what more than words can say

just past the soil horizon
is a place where you can find a message to receive
there’s a light inside you
given to remind you of what it is to be free

and now we know that we are not alone
yes, I’m sure that we’ll never be alone