do that thing

from practicing synthesis by fascist puppeteer



This song was special to me; due to the fact it was mostly one take on everything. I laid the drums out first, as a map for song structure. After that I was laying down modulated vocals, not knowing where it was going. I was reading out of my notes on my phone and only knew I wanted this song to be “Do That Thing” for me. Which I felt I bit odd chanting in this haha, but it was the message I wanted for sure.


buffalo and the buffaloman
a complete red herring
red evening darkened to a monochrome
you say it’s all the 1’s and 0’s
i say it’s the 1’s and 2’s
peddling palliatives instead of cures
a masterpiece of concealment
you do that thing for me
do that thing for me
do that thing for you
do that thing for me
i just can’t get enough
do that thing for me
do that thing for me


from practicing synthesis, released November 8, 2019
written, performed, produced, and mixed by brian ullman


all rights reserved



Dreaming Out Loud Records Rittman, Ohio

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