kármán line

from practicing synthesis by fascist puppeteer



This was the first song I wrote for this collection. I took the title from a page in my notebook about the atmospheric layers. Something I got excited about after getting into the nitty gritty of audio. The music of this started with the intro riff once again. Actually, inspired after learning a Vince Gill solo. It was fun to play, and I was just chasing the fun.


such a fragile mind
but memory cuts just like a knife
a little bit of rain by the fireside
it’s the space where you and i collide

when the stars align, put your fears aside
we’ve reached the kármán line; will i find you here?

we’re all longing to belong
something’s better on the other side
if only we could find a cure
faster ballistics, slower rise time

when the stars align, it will be divine
when we’ve past the kármán line
let you and I to hear, to see, to be free

when time divides and we’ve past the kármán line
when the stars align, it will be divine
when we’ve reached that kármán line
we’ll say our goodbyes
just you and I, let our faith provide


from practicing synthesis, released November 8, 2019
written, performed, produced, and mixed by brian ullman


all rights reserved



Dreaming Out Loud Records Rittman, Ohio

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