David Ullman - Upward Down (with Tara Hanish)

from An Evening With The Ullmans: Live @ Musica (2013) by Various Artists



Studio version on LIGHT THE DARK (dreamingoutloudrecords.com/album/light-the-dark)


Want to start, but where to begin
I’ve spent such long time my friend
On the outside looking in

Working hard, and spending all my time
First on the bill but last in line
Trying to make the wrong words rhyme

Up here so high
Way up in the clouds
I've lost sight
I'm upward-down
I don't wanna fight
Just wanna kiss the ground tonight

Wanna be everywhere at once
Be everything to everyone
Falling short at all fronts

But I'm not lost
And I don't need found
I'm a long way off on this upward down
I don't wanna fight
Just wanna clear the air tonight
I've stolen time
I've drawn flies
I've sold the truth
I've bought lies
I'm off the mark
but i'll get it right in time

Weary now from always keeping score
Never content to be ignored
Giving less but expecting more

Wish I were a much better friend
Want to have done all I could
I’ll do more when I can

But I'm running in place
And I can't slow down
Should I take a break or take a bow
It's this upward down
That's got me turned around


from An Evening With The Ullmans: Live @ Musica (2013), released December 23, 2019


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