An Evening With The Ullmans: Live @ Musica (2013)

by Various Artists

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released December 23, 2019

Jim Ullman - Vocals / Guitar
Jack Ullman - Drums / Vocals
Larry Griffin - Guitar / Pedal Steel
Ronnie Osburn - Bass

David Ullman - Vocals / Guitar
Brian Ullman - Guitar
Zach Friedhof - Vocals / Guitar
Tara Hanish - Cello

Brian Ullman - Vocals / Guitar
Mike Socrates - Guitar / Vocals
Matt Socrates - Drums
Nate Pelfrey - Bass

Mixed and recorded live at Musica in Akron, Ohio on 8-15-2013 by Jim Bethel.

Art Direction and audio editing, 2019 by David Ullman

Audio post production 2013 / 2019 by Brian Ullman

Mastered with LANDR

Kira Heeley (pages 3 & 4 inlays, 7, 8, 12-14, 15 inlay, 26-29)
Matt Jackson (cover photo, 1, 3- 6, 9-11, 15, 16)
Kyle Collins (pages 19-25, 32)
Kevin Conaway (page 29 inlays)

2009 flier designed by Angela Rutter


all rights reserved



Dreaming Out Loud Records Rittman, Ohio

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Track Name: David Ullman - Fear Followed (with Brian Ullman)
Driving into the dawn
All my innocence denied
All my worries are gone
with you by my side
Wasn't the gun in my face
It was the gleam in his eye telling me
Today's as good as any day to die

Barbed-wire fences
cut across the sky
Drawing lines between
fight and flight
While the fear, it follows me
It cannot be denied
With perfect resignation
I’ve made up my mind

Now the red moon's at arm's reach
begging for forgiveness
The wind roars out a warning
and the air, it thickens
I tried to reason with myself
but self wouldn't listen

Hitch-hiking on a highway
with no consequence
I've crossed the line
I've jumped the fence
Heading toward the horizon
darkness falls on queue
staining the oil-spill sunset
a blood-soaked hue


Where i'm going now
fear can't follow
There's no need for safely here
There'll be no tomorrow
There's no wrong or right now
just you and me
while the devil awaits his due
in a dreamless sleep
Track Name: David Ullman - Happiest Sad Song (with ZACH)
Throwing diamonds at the sky
trying to outshine the moon
There’s no time to reflect
and there’s never enough room
(never enough room)

There’s no easy fix..
and each time it gets worse
Getting harder and harder
to write our next verse
(help me write our next verse)

You said you couldn’t find a happy song
in all I’ve written for you
You said you wanted a happy song
and there were none that you knew
I guess the happiest sad song
is gonna have to

You say sadness is surrender,
and sympathy is not love
But I believe in you
and I am not giving up
(please don’t ever give up)

Sometimes faith is not enough
and you need what you can touch
Feel like you’re always running
and never catching up
(I just wanna catch up)


Like a star in the sky
that dies before the dawn
Even the brightest moon
is overtaken by the sun
Trying to see in the dark
the light that’s breaking through
I’ve been so proud of my pain
now I’ve got nothing left to prove

I’m just trying to add a happy song
to all I’ve written for you
I’m just trying to sing a happy song
this is the best that I can do
I guess the happiest sad song
is gonna have to do
Track Name: David Ullman - French New Year
It’s time to cast the stone
To ring the martyrs’ bell
To take the long way home
Be it to heaven or to hell

It’s time to lift the veil
Time to break the vow
This time we will not fail
This time, we scorch the ground

We will burn our cars on the French New Year
Set fire to our pasts and all our fears
All we’ve got is blood and time; this all disappears
But I’ll be by your side when the smoke has cleared

This life, it comes at a cost
With enough blame to go around
But we ain’t come to carry the cross
We’ve come to cut it down


And we will not accept defeat
So let the walls fall down on me
Because as long as I’ve breath to breathe
You’ll hear me singing

(Chorus x2)
Track Name: David Ullman - Light The Dark (with Tara Hanish)
There’s a violence inside of me
And a weakness on display
An anger burning quietly
That will not go away
Seems the more that I struggle
The harder it becomes
To believe in miracles
In anything or anyone

But I will not fall apart
I will not give in… or take part
I’ll set fire to the spark
And burn a hole in the night
To light the dark

And I know that you feel it to
The way the world weighs on you
The frustration of the fight
Still you manage to stand up
For what you know is right

You will not fall apart
You will not give in… or take part
You’ll set fire to the spark
And burn a hole in the night
To light the dark

We’re leaving these roads outgrown
For wide open skies
In your heart I’ve found my home
I’m better man when seen… through your eyes

We will not fall apart
We will not give in… or take part
We’ll set fire to the spark
And burn a hole in the night… to light the dark
Track Name: David Ullman - Upward Down (with Tara Hanish)
Want to start, but where to begin
I’ve spent such long time my friend
On the outside looking in

Working hard, and spending all my time
First on the bill but last in line
Trying to make the wrong words rhyme

Up here so high
Way up in the clouds
I've lost sight
I'm upward-down
I don't wanna fight
Just wanna kiss the ground tonight

Wanna be everywhere at once
Be everything to everyone
Falling short at all fronts

But I'm not lost
And I don't need found
I'm a long way off on this upward down
I don't wanna fight
Just wanna clear the air tonight
I've stolen time
I've drawn flies
I've sold the truth
I've bought lies
I'm off the mark
but i'll get it right in time

Weary now from always keeping score
Never content to be ignored
Giving less but expecting more

Wish I were a much better friend
Want to have done all I could
I’ll do more when I can

But I'm running in place
And I can't slow down
Should I take a break or take a bow
It's this upward down
That's got me turned around