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Unplugged @ Uncorked

by David Ullman

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I’ve been searching, can’t seem to find my way Seems the nights get darker each and every day This time I’ve wandered too far from home Friends all around me, but I feel alone I feel lost and broken, bent out of place Shall I stay, or do you need some space Different means all lead to the same end How can we even try to pretend I need a secondhand heart Only slightly ripped apart I need someone who will always be around Unrequited from the start Feel I was born to play the part Give me someone who will never let me down Sure I don’t miss what was missing But oh how I miss kissing you (of course I do) I miss your lips, your hips, your thighs Miss the sparkle of your eyes I know it’s gone now but I don’t know why How did this become of me How was I too blind to see That the one you loved was no longer me Was my heart in your hands just a pawn Feelings faded like the night at dawn Where was it that we went wrong How am I supposed to heal When I don’t know what it is I feel Was it really ever real I know kindness is contagious So come on be courageous Give your love away With a secondhand heart Only slightly ripped apart Gotta somehow get my feet back on the ground Unrequited from the start No one’s born to play that part Just find someone who will never let you down Don’t let me down
Here I sing just trying to express In the way I hope that I do best All these ideas, they are floatin’ round Trying to keep one, I gotta choke it down Still I’m not saying that I feel fine About the way you waste your precious time Transitory, just like shooting stars All the deepest wounds seem to leave no scars Do you believe you’re safe from me? Be what you want to be All I want is for us to remain Times are tough, and love it is always rough You give your all, but your all is not enough Like a book on tape, digital escape Won’t you be my TV-dinner date Culture satiated with celebrity All trying to look like the models in the magazines Where normallacy is the fallacy Why can’t we make this dream reality See things as they are Not as we’d like them to be But as they were Were they really Do you believe you’re safe from me? See what you want to see All I want is for us to remain Do you believe you’re safe from me? All I want is to believe That what was lost just might be regained
Come on make me feel like I believe A blind man once, but now I see Oh you set me free Won’t you set me free Come on make me feel like I belong To feel like this just can’t be wrong And if you say you want me to I’ll spend my life with you Oh to be with you With you I’ll start anew Together forever and a day For you I’ll find a way Carry on my wayward one From behind the clouds bring forth the sun And with you I’ll start again Both my love and my best friend You make me feel like I’m alive And for you I’ll take the dive Oh to be with you With you I’ll start anew And if you just say the word Sweetest voice I’ve heard It cuts right to my heart We will never part And after all is said and done My dear, my only one Come aboard my sweetest friend On this trip that never ends Ocean of love strong and true Rolling waves brought me to you You make me feel like I believe Once a blind man now I see What you’ve done for me And how you’ve set me free Now I know where I belong And to you I sing this song How happy we will be Come away with me And if you say you want me to I’ll spend my life with you Oh to be with you With you I’ll start anew
What are we to do Do you think we’ll make it through All the mileage and misgivings Just me and you Are we falling too fast Into a love that won’t last This beautiful sunset Too must pass Into the half-light With shining stars, bright Dreaming out loud in the moonlight Do you wish today Do you wish tonight To fall in love Before daylight Does greasy diner food Get you in the mood Is your heart already full Can you still make room Cause in the slow-burn of night This feels so very right As the space between us closes Day conquers night But in the half-light We’ll stay all night Making love by moonlight I think we may I think we might Fall in love Before daylight Or are you already through with me Is this not what you thought it would be Are you thinking to hell with it all and To hell with me Are you tired Are you torn Do you feel like you’ve been dying Since before you were born Have you lost love Have you found hope Have you given up the guilt You’ve held so close But in the half-light Tonight Maybe we two wrongs might get it right I think we may I think we might Have fallen in love In the half-light Two shining stars, bright Living out loud in the moonlight I think we may I think we might Have fallen in love tonight
Failed by the foolproof Trying to face the truth Can’t cope or relate Consumed by anger, hurt and hate Shrouded in shame In the wind I hear your name Crouching coward Crippled Christ Meet me in paradise Help me make it right Dream with the dreamers Bleed with the bleeders Dry as stone Hard as bone Shattered and split 2x4 buy six Get one free To be who i am Not who you want me to be Can’t you see I’m in and out of time In and out of mind The break must be made The one who lost his way Pity the password Pain is the key Change the lock love Just don’t forget me If you can If you can Be the woman and I’ll be the man Is it in your skirt Is it in your shirt Is in what you do for work Is it in the eyes Is it in the thighs Or is in what between there lies Is it in the hands Is it in the feet Is it in the space between your teeth Is it in the arms Is it in the stance Is it the size of what’s in your pants Is it in knowing nature Is it in knowing cars Spending hard-earned money at the bar Is it being strong Is it being tough Is it never wanting to grow up Is it in the glance Is it in the stare Is in the way you wear your hair Is in fashion Is it in style Give you an inch and you take a mile Is this about money Is this about love Is this the bottom line or above Is this about guilt Is this about sex Don’t wanna be like all of the rest So tell me if you can If you can Be a woman and I’ll be a man
I feel I’ve been here before Staring calmly at the open door I knew you’d be back this way You spoke softly, said you couldn’t stay You’d hoped to find me a changed man I know I haven’t; please understand It’s in the way you move me Running in circles, and I can’t break free I can feel it coming ‘round again Love begins just to end again Around and around, here we go again Love begins just to end again In every path there comes a time When past and present meet and roads divide Which way are you gonna go Left or right, high or low When did you know That this was the end And how can I go When we were just beginning To end …again I can feel it comin’ down again Love begins just to end again Against the tide it’s sink or swim again Love begins just to end again Begins …to end …(here we go) again
Mulletman’s on the march again Wearing designer shoes and a spray-on tan Six-pack abs and frosted hair Wears his pants low enough to see his underwear Mulletman can pick a fight He’ll slap you about just to prove his might An all-star athlete, he’ll make the pass Knock you flat, yeah he’ll kick your ass He’s so handsome, sugar sweet Sweeps the girls right off their feet Mulletman, he’ll make you swoon Unrefined, beautiful baboon Mulletman, he’s got a plan Gonna pick you up at a quarter-to-ten He’s feelin’ frisky for romance Knows a hundred ways to get in your pants Gonna drive you to a secluded spot He’ll give you every line he’s got To get what he wants, he wants it all In the morning promises he’ll give you a call He’s so sexy, sugar sweet Treats you like a piece of meat How can other boys compete He’s got it all, he’s such a creep But this groovy gal, she’s on the prowl Meets his pouty stare with lurid scowl What he don’t know, he’ll soon find out She’s the only one who knows what he’s about She’s gonna drive him to the breakin’ point Leave him all alone just to prove her point That he’s not all that he thinks he is, He’s just an unkind, dressed up, unchecked id. He’s so sexy, sugar sweet Sweeps the girls right off their feet How can other boys compete He’s got it all, but can’t you see Mulletmen are everywhere Seems the mold is broken beyond repair Behind a plastic smile that’s two-feet wide, The monkey-man-child is trying to hide A two-faced façade, worn for all to see It might fool her, man, but it don’t fool me


“He didn’t want to hear any of the recordings. He wanted to experience it first and foremost live,” David Ullman says of a friend he took to a Damien Rice concert in 2004.

Foreshadowing? Perhaps.

While so many of us feel that we know our favorite artists as well as the best friends we hang with on the weekends, still the most revealing experience of a musician and his work is that of the live performance with all its spontaneous energy.

David Ullman is no exception, and although he has already released a few studio recordings, those recordings fall short of the David that I know, having myself come to his music first and foremost through the live experience. Barring that chance to hear him in person, “Unplugged @ Uncorked” is the next best thing. A recording like this, which accurately captures that experience, has been long overdue.

What makes a David Ullman performance so special is that he’s not just performing; he’s genuinely forging a connection and having a conversation with you. Songs and banter blend together in a seamless chat with the audience, commiserating about a trying work week, or the day-to-day trials of relationships past and present, or just sharing some of his favorite songs and artists.

Many of his shows take place in intimate settings—cozy neighborhood cafés and bars—and the very nature of these venues practically forces audience participation and a sincerely shared interaction. On “Unplugged @ Uncorked,” you really experience a crowd-pleaser like “Mulletman” or a signature song like “Déjà vu” as David urges everyone to sing along to some U2.

Here, finally, in this live recording, that magic, that sense of genuine friendship shows through in the David Ullman that everyone deserves the chance to get to know.

-T.M. Göttl


released October 30, 2010

Recorded & Mixed by Kyle Collins at the Uncorked Wine Bar in Akron, OH May 9th 2009


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