by Fascist Puppeteer

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Greetings fellow music listeners. My name is Brian Ullman. My artist name for these songs being "Fascist Puppeteer." I recently (December 2018) came upon some old "data" CD's of the first 4 songs of this collection. It got me thinking of the possibility of re-mixing these and other old tunes with my current gear and ears. I followed my excitement and searched far and wide for lost files, or songs to put these in one free-to-download spot. After a bit of searching and fun, these are the songs I felt okay with releasing to the public here. A big Thank You to Dreaming Out Loud Records and Bandcamp for their platform. Thank you for your time. I hope one of these has something to offer you. Rock On.


released February 8, 2019

All songs written, performed, and produced by Brian Ullman except:
Nate Pelfrey – Bass Guitar # 1&10
Corey “Pale Ryda” Steele – Vocals & Lyrics # 10
Chris Metcalf – Vocals & Lyrics #10 Vocals #12 & Mixing Engineer #11
Mixed by Brian Ullman
Mastered with LANDR


all rights reserved



Dreaming Out Loud Records Rittman, Ohio

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Track Name: Leave Again
It’s late and no one here knows where my mind has been
You were on your phone, you’re never alone until the sunrise comes

Time is wasting away again
And I know it’s time for me to leave again
Leave again

See all this space, everyone must chose their place
Yeah it’s a race
But how to know, where you should go
Who knows where love will grow?

Time is wasting away again
And I know it’s time for me to leave again
Leave again
Track Name: Walls Crashing
When you feel like there’s nothing left
And you don’t have the strength
And if you ever need a friend
You know we could tear this wall to the ground

No you don’t have to be afraid
No you don’t have to run away
It’s alright, I’ll be here right by your side
No you don’t have to be alone
And you don’t have to grow old on your own
Track Name: Dreaming of Escape
I’ve been thinking about leaving
So tired of waiting on the rain
But I’m breezing, just chillin’
Waiting for my day
I’m not foolin’, just burning
Going up in smoke today

The rain comes pouring down, oh can’t you feel it on your face
You want to ask me why?

Flood gates have been broken
Now I’m floating, dreaming of my escape
I’m flying over mountains
Come and catch me if you can

The day’s been coming now, oh you know it’s brighter than the sun
You want to ask me why?

I’ve been thinking about leaving, dreaming of my escape
Track Name: Rainstorm
I took a walk in a rainstorm
Just to bring me back to you
And I focus on the sky light
Are you the lightening passing by?
I ran to you in a rainstorm
Because my heart belongs to you
And there’s no one else in the world now
To make me feel this way inside
We made love in a rainstorm
Let our troubles pass us by
Release your fears as they fall down
Because tomorrow I’ll be there

Will you leave me like the rainstorm?
Or will you let me stay?
Though you and I may not know what comes when it’s gone away
I fell in love in a rainstorm and I owe it all to you
Track Name: Before We Say Goodbye
Hopped on a big jet plane for the west coast
So much to do but somehow, it’s you I want the most
Just cruising down the west coast
So many faces and places to see
but in the in-between I can’t help but think of you and me
And what good things could be
And then to my surprise when the moonlight hit your eyes

I’ve been waiting, now I’m chasing you down the beach
Sitting cheek to cheek
Soft waves are crashing, this is my last chance to see your eyes
Before we say goodbye

Can we sit here just a little while?
Kiss the breeze for a little while and feel the sand beneath our feet
Forget the world for a little while
You make me feel just like a little child and you can see
Just what you are to me
And oh, to my surprise how the moonlight hit your eyes

I’ve been waiting for this moment here on a beach
Reminding life’s so sweet
Soft waves are crashing, and this is my last chance to see your eyes
Before we say goodbye, let’s just breathe
Just breathe
Track Name: The Party's Over
We thought we knew what we were after
But the time went too soon
Now we’re left on the ground, just a face in the crowd
What to pursue, when it feels like the party’s over

Remember the song
Drink ‘til you feel strong
And who cares if we’re wrong?
And at the end of the day if you feel like you’ve got something to say
I’m just a call away, we’ll make it through everyday
When it all comes down will you be around for the sound…

Of your dreams in blue?
They will follow you
So, listen closely for when it all falls down
I hope that you’re still around to see the truth
And if you’re leaving today but you’re feeling like you should stay
In the next go around will you feel like you’ve got nothing to lose?
When it all comes down, just a little too soon
When it all burns down
Will you still be around? We could break all the rules
And in your happiness is where you’ll find the truth
When it all falls down
The love, the pain, the hate, the shame; you’ve only got yourself to blame
The party’s over
Track Name: It's Not Too Late
We never know when this will end
With every moment your fate depends
Lost in a dream, everything’s surreal
Only to unfold the blood that will spill...

Defeat your battles for the day is done
Gave what you have and they still need more
You pay your price for your contribution
There ain’t no hope in a wishing well
Can you feel it coming from behind?
Too offensive to televise
So, have a listen to the whispering wind
And find out when your fate begins

Heavy plates pulling apart at the ridges
Sinking down, drawn to the flame
Shear madness in the depths of the winter
North and South, energy moves us from within

So just incase you missed the warning signs
This is your chance to fight to stay alive
Don’t want to go out a flame and burn
There’s more of living here left to learn
No more time for obedience, a chip beneath your fingertips
Come back and rise above the pain
Pull past the wreckage of yesterday

I hope you pray, for what you see might be coming your way
It’s not too late, stop digging your grave
Don’t forget we were born to be forgiven
Forgive yourself, it has to come from within
And it’s not too late