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It’s time to cast the stone To ring the martyrs’ bell To take the long way home Be it to heaven or to hell It’s time to lift the veil Time to break the vow This time we will not fail This time, we scorch the ground (Chorus): We will burn our cars on the French New Year Set fire to our pasts and all our fears All we’ve got is blood and time; this all disappears But I’ll be by your side when the smoke has cleared This life, it comes at a cost With enough blame to go around But we ain’t come to carry the cross We’ve come to cut it down (Chorus) And we will not accept defeat So let the walls fall down on me Because as long as I’ve breath to breathe You’ll hear me singing (Chorus x2)
Wise Blood (Live Take) (free) 03:48
Dark clouds cut through the sky And night starts to bleed into day You’re off down a one-way road And all the signs say “Jesus Saves” Where you come from is gone You can’t go back The train is taking off, It’s tearing up the track You tried to move on But it called you back It cannot be denied It’s the blood that’s wise Running away from what you don’t believe Rantin’, raving that you are not clean With a sharp tongue and jagged teeth Shoutin’ “you reckon that you’ve been redeemed?” With a tear in his throat And the devil in his eyes He’s preaching the Church of Jesus Christ without Christ Tried to move on But the blood inside It cannot be denied It’s the blood that’s wise A martyr lying for the truth A soldier dying in a preacher’s suit His barbed-wire heart breaking before your eyes He’s paying the price For having blood that’s wise He’s Haunted by a man leaping from limb to limb in the forest of his mind he can no longer pretend There’s no end in sight No bottom to his eyes He’s walking on rocks toward a pin-prick of light bleeding blood that’s wise
Finally (Live Take) (free) 05:04
Enough (Live Take) (free) 04:31
When the water is rising And the wolves are at your door And you’re through with all the fighting But you don’t believe no more When you’ve knocked on all the gates And you’ve stood in every line But you cannot bear the weight And your whole world is on the line When your well has gone dry And there’s no faith left in your cup When the world has passed you by And you feel like giving up Just try to look me in the eye, now Because you know I’ll call your bluff When you say you’ve had enough When the sun is hanging low And this city gets so dark And there’s nowhere you can go And no fire coming from your spark When your heart is caving in And you fear you might be beat When all your hard-won hope Is giving way to defeat Don’t you dare give in, now Lay your troubles at my feet I’ll tell you when you’ve had enough No title or tide can deny That four-alarm fire in your eyes Keep the punches coming; I don’t mind I’ll decide when I’ve had enough Have you had enough?
We’ve been best friends since we were kids Since the days of dirty high tops and blacktop jungle gyms Tell me, how has it come down to this Are you somewhere lying low, or do you just not give a shit? At the funeral I said “anything you need” I’m sure I’ve let you down more than a time or two in between Are you still “living in blasphemy?” In your “linoleum exile,” do you ever think of me? Do you remember me? (Chorus): How long has it been now since you’ve been going it alone? The staying and the leaving, the living close to the bone How long have you been watching your rearview mirror for the dawn Would you be here now, even if you’d never gone? We used to tell stories and bend the light You’d say “A man’s past + his present = his place in life” But you and I, we never did fight Well, maybe a time or time or two; but, still something don’t feel right. This don’t feel right. (Chorus) Taking your turn on the merry-go-round You’d say, “In a circle, nothing’s lost, only waiting to be found” But that was all so long ago now Maybe all that’s gone before is finally coming around. It’s coming around… (Chorus)
Holding it in Losing your grip Don’t want to give in But you’re starting to slip Done a damn-good job of keeping deep, dark… Done a damn-good job of keeping deep, dark… Done a damn-good job of keeping deep, dark secrets This is the way that it went The last consequence So close to the end Where to begin Done a damn-good job of keeping deep, dark… Done a damn-good job of keeping deep, dark… Done a damn-good job of keeping deep, dark secrets Searching the silence for reprieve Then came the thrashing of limbs and the gnashing of teeth Feel like I’m stranded in someone else’s fevered… dream Done a damn-good job of keeping deep, dark… Done a damn-good job of keeping deep, dark… Done a damn-good job of keeping deep, dark secrets


released April 1, 2016



David Ullman - Vocals and Guitar
Brian Ullman - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Jeff Gill - Bass, Baritone Guitar, and Backing Vocals
Brian Yost - Drums, Vibraphone, and Backing Vocals

Recorded by Brian Yost and Brian Ullman

Mixed by Brian Ullman

Mastered by LANDR and Brian Ullman

Photography by Matt Olson, Markus Akre, and Courtney Collins (@nonlinear knitting)


all rights reserved



Dreaming Out Loud Records Rittman, Ohio

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