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Dog Days (Remastered)

by David Ullman

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i wanna know all that you are i wanna know all that you’ll become all alone you’ve come this far but you and i we have just begun met in the shallow waters of this tiny fishbowl with no high tide or low now i’m yours; be mine let this moment in time begin i wanna know all that we are i wanna know all that we’ll become you and i we’ve come this far but there’s still so much that we’ve not yet done swimming in the waters of this tiny fishbowl with no high tide or low now i’m yours and you’re mine let this moment in time begin could we suspend stop trying to comprehend could we redefine write a song without rhyme i think it’s time we begin i’m still trying to find out who i am it’s been so long, but still i don’t understand just what it takes to be your man teach me, love, take me by the hand pull me outta the wreckage of this shattered fishbowl i’ve lost all control i’m yours; you’re mine let this moment in time begin let’s begin again hope we never end let’s begin (if only to end again)
i’ve been searching, can’t seem to find my way seems the nights get darker each and every day this time i’ve wandered too far from home friends all around me, but i feel alone i feel lost and broken, bent out of place shall i stay, or do you need some space different means all lead to the same end how can we even try to pretend i need a secondhand heart only slightly ripped apart i need someone who will always be around unrequited from the start feel i was born to play the part give me someone who will never let me down sure i don’t miss what was missing but oh how i miss kissing you (of course i do) i miss your lips, your hips, your thighs miss the sparkle of your eyes i know it’s gone now but i don’t know why how did this become of me how was i too blind to see that the one you loved was no longer me was my heart in your hands just a pawn feelings faded like the night at dawn where was it that we went wrong how am i supposed to heal when i don’t know what it is i feel was it really ever real i know kindness is contagious so come on be courageous give your love away with a secondhand heart only slightly ripped apart gotta somehow get my feet back on the ground unrequited from the start no one’s born to play that part just find someone who will never let you down don’t let me down
what are we to do do you think we’ll make it through all the mileage and misgivings just me and you are we falling too fast into a love that won’t last this beautiful sunset too must pass into the halflight with shining stars, bright dreaming out loud in the moonlight do you wish today do you wish tonight to fall in love before daylight does greasy diner food get you in the mood is your heart already full can you still make room cause in the slow-burn of night this feels so very right as the space between us closes day conquers night but in the halflight we’ll stay all night making love by moonlight i think we may i think we might fall in love before daylight or are you already through with me is this not what you thought it would be are you thinking to hell with it all and to hell with me are you tired are you torn do you feel like you’ve been dying since before you were born have you lost love have you found hope have you given up the guilt you’ve held so close but in the halflight tonight maybe we two wrongs might get it right i think we may i think we might have fallen in love in the halflight two shining stars, bright living out loud in the moonlight i think we may i think we might have fallen in love tonight
come on make me feel like i believe a blind man once, but now i see oh you set me free won’t you set me free come on make me feel like i belong to feel like this just can’t be wrong and if you say you want me to i’ll spend my life with you oh to be with you with you i’ll start anew together forever and a day for you i’ll find a way carry on my wayward one from behind the clouds bring forth the sun and with you i’ll start again both my love and my best friend you make me feel like i’m alive and for you i’ll take the dive oh to be with you with you i’ll start anew and if you just say the word sweetest voice i’ve heard it cuts right to my heart we will never part and after all is said and done my dear, my only one come aboard my sweetest friend on this trip that never ends ocean of love strong and true rolling waves brought me to you you make me feel like i believe once a blind man now i see what you’ve done for me and how you’ve set me free now i know where i belong and to you i sing this song how happy we will be come away with me and if you say you want me to i’ll spend my life with you oh to be with you with you i’ll start anew
i feel i’ve been here before staring calmly at the open door i knew you’d be back this way you spoke softly, said you couldn’t stay you’d hoped to find me a changed man i know i haven’t; please understand it’s in the way you move me running in circles, and i can’t break free i can feel it coming ‘round again love begins just to end again around and around, here we go again love begins just to end again in every path there comes a time when past and present meet and roads divide which way are you gonna go left or right, high or low when did you know that this was the end and how can i go when we were just beginning to end …again i can feel it comin’ down again love begins just to end again against the tide it’s sink or swim again love begins just to end again begins …to end …(here we go) again
failed by the foolproof trying to face the truth can’t cope or relate consumed by anger, hurt and hate shrouded in shame in the wind i hear your name crouching coward crippled christ meet me in paradise help me make it right dream with the dreamers bleed with the bleeders dry as stone hard as bone shattered and split 2x4 buy six get one free to be who i am not who you want me to be can’t you see i’m in and out of time in and out of mind the break must be made the one who lost his way pity the password pain is the key change the lock love just don’t forget me if you can if you can be the woman and i’ll be the man is it in your skirt is it in your shirt is in what you do for work is it in the eyes is it in the thighs or is in what between there lies is it in the hands is it in the feet is it in the space between your teeth is it in the arms is it in the stance is it the size of what’s in your pants is it in knowing nature is it in knowing cars spending hard-earned money at the bar is it being strong is it being tough is it never wanting to grow up is it in the glance is it in the stare is in the way you wear your hair is in fashion is it in style give you an inch and you take a mile is this about money is this about love is this the bottom line or above is this about guilt is this about sex don’t wanna be like all of the rest so tell me if you can if you can be a woman and i’ll be a man
fear that i’m unwanted here losing all i’ve held so dear wanna face this world head-on don’t wanna be weak; i must be strong just wanna stay a part of you i’ll do whatever it is that you want me to do just tell me what we are coming to feel ruined, like damaged goods foolish, i can’t see the trees for the woods wish i could change the part i play wish i wouldn’t wish your love away is there the courage in contradiction is there truth in all my fiction tell me what are we coming to don’t want you to cry because of something I did or said is it over yet can i open up my eyes when will we realize what we are coming to memory is like a loaded gun we’re fighting battles we know can’t be won trying to make some sense of it all counting on pride to break our fall but I’m finding that there is no shame in saying that i’m also to blame i think that I’m coming to a heart is like a hallow fist and yours i can’t seem to resist when the night starts to breathe will you finally concede that this trouble need not be the end of you and me i need you to open up your mouth whatever it is just let it out throw caution to the wind it doesn’t matter where it is we begin i know that we’ll find our way through this mess just me and you i think that we’re finally coming to
you broke the rules you crossed the line but there was nobody to warn you off this time i loved you for it how could I not you wanted my all, and that’s what you got but now you want to let go you took the blame you shouldered the cost but what you thought you’d gained you’d really lost if you weren’t you and i weren’t me do think that still together we’d be would we have let go tree of dreams aflame stars falling from the sky the bend need not break it’s the beauty of compromise help me comprehend in you i will confide what i can’t defend no secrets left to hide please don’t let go if we defy the odds throw away the past maybe we could forever last what’s done is done we can’t go back but you and i could make a pact to not let go
she’s weighed down by the colors of the wind a bird so afraid to fly, regretful of her sins she thinks of what she’s done, all she can’t undo “i can’t say these things (she says), not to you” words… without eyes to illustrate words… nor voice to communicate words… telling a story she’s told a thousand times in silence her fingers are stained with unspoken fears she struggles to see the page through the falling tears unformed thoughts dance upon her tongue the hurt’s not over yet, the healing has just begun in words… without eyes to illustrate words… nor voice to communicate words… telling a story she’s told a thousand times… words… without eyes to illustrate words… why can’t you communicate in words… a story you’ve told a thousand times
still clinging to a past now called into question rejection (of affection) more times than I care to mention i’m so tired of this loneliness this aching need that is never met it’s been so long and i’ve hurt so much feel small and ugly and out of touch will i know when it’s really happening again will it show if it is real or just pretend wounds are weeping beneath a bruised and blackened sky like a broken bone (never set right) a broken heart lingers like an endless night seems by now there should be a cure a better way to endure to put together what’s been torn apart how i wish i could change your heart you know i don’t believe in regret just trying to remember to forget taking each day as it comes no looking back, now i’m moving on but will i know when it’s really happening will it show might i mistake it for a dream will i know when it’s really happening again will it show if it is real or just pretend
it used to be so simple so sweet i loved you and you loved me dancing beneath the stars and the moon we fell too fast; it was too soon from bright shooting stars to blackened sky how did we get here, you and i through billowing clouds of tobacco smoke we used to laugh, smile and joke a place to which i cannot return streets whose names i must unlearn where fair-weather friends shout silent goodbyes how did we get here, you and i groom awaiting, bride debating two heats anxiously anticipating weighing the future against the past we said forever but it didn’t last right foot before the left, your hand in mine how did we get here, you and i no time for love; push pull shove me away save me from myself today two hearts set adrift on this sea of time life without love is a song without rhyme am i so different now, please tell me why why didn’t we survive these changing tides surrounded in secrets, steeped in lies your constant hellos now a casual goodbye forever was too long; tomorrow’s too late i need a new heart that’ll bend but never break god, help me relate to these hardened times how did we get here, you and i though i can’t change you, i can change me perception is reality and if what we perceive is what we believe then truth is just a formality sadly, i know what lives must die but how did we get here, you and i
i’ve lost myself somehow i can’t seem to work it out still struggling to find my way through the dark of another day i’m trying so hard to hold on to a part of me that’s already gone some things can’t be erased like that look upon your face said it all without saying a word like a lesson left unlearned hearts and minds will always change thoughts and feelings will rearrange the confirmation of my worst fears the culmination of all these years my suspicions turned out to be true all this time i was loosing you i’ve heard innocence can be maintained but do you think it can be regained cause when you looked at me like that i was taken back to what you said before you don’t love him anymore don’t think you ever did why would you keep your feelings hid was i trying to find myself in you can i ever really start anew i’ve got to find a way to get back the sense of self that i once had am i destined always to make all of the very same mistakes you’ve given me something to say if only it could have been some other way my world is coming apart at the seams it’s full of challenged memories i can’t seem to separate the real from the fake i need to make changes i can’t seem to make you’re not the one who got away you’re the one who wouldn’t stay through the laughter and the pain through the sunshine and the rain i’m still trying to redefine write that song that doesn’t rhyme how can i begin again when i’m faced with the end



DOG DAYS, the much-anticipated first full-length album from Northeast Ohio singer/songwriter David Ullman, finally reached an eager audience in February 2008. Most often cited for his poignant use of vocal dynamics and intimate portraits of love lost and (occasionally) found, Ullman delivered a debut that FREE TIMES music editor Jeff Niesel calls “exquisitely beautiful” and COOL CLEVELAND’s Peter Chakerian describes as “deep, dark and intensely rich.” 

The 29-year-old Clevelander’s initial creative outlet was filmmaking, though pre-adolescent re-makes of biopics like LA BAMBA and THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY sparked his interest in music as well. “I started playing guitar at age eight by learning Buddy Holly songs—most of which are the same four chords,” he recalls. “Buddy Holly for me was what punk rock seems to have been for a lot of other musicians. You don’t have to be Eric Clapton to play along with The Ramones. That’s the way it was with me and Buddy Holly’s music. My dad taught me to play his songs, and I used to make tapes in my bathroom—overdubbing my voice like I’d seen in the movies. I also drew covers for the tapes based on other album sleeves that I’d seen, and gave them to my family for birthday gifts and such.”

In his early twenties, Ullman and a handful of friends formed a short-lived folk-rock quintet called “Steve.” Songs such as “Start Anew” and “Unspoken,” both of which appear on DOG DAYS, were written during this time, and Ullman’s long-time friend, collaborator, and former Steve member Matthew Jackson designed the disc’s cover. Other carryovers from the group include Steve bassist Nick Robinson, who features on the final (unlisted) track of DOG DAYS, key contributors Sean Kammer (piano) and Logan Ramsier (drums), as well as the engineering expertise of (brother) Brian Ullman, who also plays lead and bass guitar on the record.

​Ullman’s insistence upon the inclusion of these valued individuals turned the making of DOG DAYS into a three-year-process—during which time he refined the songs on stage, performing over 90 shows in 2007. “Why would I hastily make a plain ol’ voice-and-guitar record when my brother is a terrific producer and electric guitar player? It wouldn’t make any sense,” he explains. “My friends and I may not be the best musicians ever; but for me, we were the right musicians to realize this material. In my mind, it had to be these people. Even down to the name of the label that I established to release the CD—Dreaming Out Loud Records. For ten years now, Dreaming Out Loud ventures have involved these people. It’s about making dreams reality, and I was committed to waiting for these people and what they could contribute to these songs.”

​Not only do the tracks on DOG DAYS invite listeners into Ullman’s life and relationships, but also into the homes of his family and friends through intimate recording sessions that took place in bedrooms, bathrooms, and basements. Or perhaps, we as listeners invite him into our living rooms and lives—to play his guitar on our couches and hang out in our kitchens. 

​Hearing Ullman’s music feels less like listening to a recording or attending a concert and more like sitting down with an old friend on a Friday night to rehash the rough day at work or the latest lovers’ quarrel. His honest and confessional style brings him a special kind of rapport with his audience. He gives voice to those universal fears that most of us prefer not to examine—fears that our relationships may not be the safe haven we once believed them to be.

Still, the music of DOG DAYS goes beyond the traditional break-up record. A hopeful message persists and shines through the adversity, and there’s a struggle to maintain and repair the relationship that hangs in the balance. Ullman’s shift from smooth and gentle—at times pleading—lyrics, to the explosive and emotionally charged heights that characterize both his songwriting and live performances draw us into the conversation, assuring us all that we have friends with whom to share our everyday struggles, ambitions and disappointments.

Currently maintaining a consistent concert schedule in and around Northeastern Ohio, Ullman is eager to travel to new cities. In the months ahead, look for him to branch out into new territories in support of his debut album and its forthcoming second single, a radio remix of “Secondhand,” which will be released along side several outtakes from DOG DAYS.

-T.M.Göttl, Summer 2008


released February 23, 2008


All songs written by David Ullman (vocals & acoustic guitar)

Bass & Electric Guitars by Brian Ullman
Drums by Logan Ramsier
Keyboard Piano by Sean Kammer
"Vibes" & Electric guitars on "End" by "The Ro"
Lead Acoustic Guitar on "Unspoken" by Brian Ullman

"Secondhand" and "In Dreams" Produced by Brian Ullman

The rest were recorded and mixed in bedrooms, bathrooms and basements from Jan. '05 to Nov. '07 in Rittman, Kent, Columbus and Lakewood, Ohio.

Remastered by Brian Ullman in 2018


all rights reserved



Dreaming Out Loud Records Rittman, Ohio

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