from Déjà Vu [EP] by David Ullman



*Explicit Lyrics*


Tiny toothpick mother of two says
‘Listen up boy, I got some morals for you’
Frumpy little feline starting cat-fights on the close line
Cul-de sac house-wife, fanny pack brat
Young people this, young people that
‘It’s ‘cause of your generation we’re where we’re at’

My feet are burning; I need to sit down
Gotta get up out of this town
But they need to give directions a little more clear
Plus, I hit every damned light on my fucking way here

Cause I’m snakebit
This is bullshit
Doesn’t matter what I do or say
The devil, he’s gonna have his way
Cause I’m snakebit

Friday fantasies, five-day sentence
Living for the weekend with no repentance (that’s what’s great about being Catholic)
If you’re happy and you know it, then clap your hands
Work is what happens while you’re making other plans
These days people don’t live they work
Don’t mean to complain, to sound like such a jerk, but…


I hate to complain (but)
I know I got it good (but)
Gossip aint’ my thing (but)
I gotta, gotta say (what?!)

Ouija board won’t-cha
Gimme some more of that
Pseudo-intelectual, psycho-babble bullshit
It’s because of Satan and Santa Claus,
Satan and Santa Claus,
Satan and Santa Claus
Satan is Santa; Satan is


He goes after the big ones
The bishops and the nuns
Cause they’re the tasty ones (everyone loves to hate the Catholics)
Blame it on the baptists and Hillary Clinton
Hollywood values and liberal politicians



from Déjà Vu [EP], released December 19, 2006
Recorded & Mixed by Brian Ullman
Mastered with LANDR
Vocals & Acoustic Guitars: David Ullman
Electric Guitars, Bass & 'Reason' Programming: Brian Ullman
Live Drums: Logan Ramsier, Recorded by David Ullman


all rights reserved



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