The Original Soundtrack (20th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

by Paradigm The Yoyo Crusade

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"It's not a typical first album at all," explains James Nicholas, vocalist of Paradigm the Yoyo Crusade, certainly not a typical young band. Their name, in fact, parallels the philosophy behind THE ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK:

"To understand it, the best way is to break it down into part," begins drummer Matt Socrates. "Paradigm: it's like being trapped inside of an idea...with our music, you're trapped inside this idea. It's very chaotic, and you're lost. That's what the CD is about.

"Yoyo: It's like a pattern that our CD goes through--from song one back to song one again...the entire process of leaving your hand and coming right back up just before you hit the floor."

"Cycles and circles," adds Nicholas. That's also what the CD is about. Nicholas, strongly influenced by the films DARK CITY and PI, conceived these ideas, as well as writing all the lyrics.

Then, he and the band teamed with Justin Bendo of Filter for recording sessions. "He was amazing...he understood what I was saying, what I was trying to get across," says Nicholas.

"We worked with a genius," Matt Socrates says of Bendo, "it was a good experience."


"Dream #11": The album begins with a slow, spare guitar riff and drifts on through alternating, uneasy sonic waves. Nicholas' opening lyrics "She floats in / With the starlight / Through my window" realize the dream we're having in this dark anthem to a longing for love.

"Lilly's Fame": The bleak landscape of "Dream #11" gives way to a different kind of dream, as we are shot into an explosive roller-coaster ride through the joys of excess ("Caviar and superstars"), fame and fortune. Already in the first two tracks, P.Y.C. have demonstrated their diversity.

"Park Bench": "And now it's gone / faded," sighs Nicholas as reality has found his daydreamer and a funky groove is chased by grinding guitars and sci-fi screeches. "It's about searching, being alone," explains Nicholas. "The idea that although you have someone close who cares for you, it's not enough."

"Hidden": Similar groove overlaps from "Park Bench," but is immediately replaced by smashing drums and a gritty and grinding guitar riff. Like "Dream #11," though much harder, dark energy alternates, taking us either through a whirlwind or leaving us in a fuming silence.

"Cork": A rubbery riff leads us into the pure anger of breathy lyrics and distorted vocals. This is P.Y.C. to one extreme, the complete opposite of "Dream #11." Extended interlude includes static-laden guitar wars, murky F/X and a bubbling bass solo. Finally explodes with thundering machine-gun drums.

"Melodrone Clone": A sort of "Dream #11" reprise; begins with similar drifting guitar and aching lyrics. Begins to branch off in its own dreamy direction when a short burst of violence, left over from "Cork," destroys all that Nicholas' dreamer has wondered about ("Is there life after God? / I'm not so sure anymore"), leaving us in a regretful, heart-shattering march of regret.

"Breathe": "Listen / Faded memory" and "I can see for miles and miles" ask the difference between reality and fantasy as we drown in questions. Sparse guitar and steady percussion prepare us for one journey's end: "Shooting stars / That's what we are."

-Ryan LaBo, HỲP music zine (December 2000)


released December 6, 2000

Remastered with LANDR in 2019/20 and re-released with bonus tracks on February 6, 2020

James Nicholas - Vocals
Mike Socrates - Guitar & Vocals
Brian Ullman - Guitar & Vocals
Chris Diefendorff - Bass
Matt Socrates - Drums

#1-7 Recorded @ Eastern Rd. Rehearsal by Justin Bendo and Bo Bishop

Overdubs and mixing in Akron, OH @ Justin Bendo Home Studio

#8-14 Recorded and mixed @ Grooveyard Studios in Akron, OH 2000. Audio sweetening by Brian Ullman, 2019

#15 Recorded and mixed @ Brian Ullman home studio in Rittman, OH 2005/2019

Cover photo & design by Matt Jackson


all rights reserved



Dreaming Out Loud Records Rittman, Ohio

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Track Name: Promise Broken (Sara Star Demo)
She's leaning in
To find what she's left behind
Why she left this i don't know
We must make it on our own

We had a promise etched in stone
To never leave each other alone
We had a promise etched in stone
To never leave each other

Beneath her lace of grey
Is the bed where we used to lay
Her lips the softest flakes of snow
Where she's at, I must know

She was there whenever I need her
She said she'd always be
Until that day that she went away
I knew she was gone for good
She was never happy with me
And all I want is the best for her, not me

We had a promise etched in stone
To never leave each other alone
We had a promise etched in stone
To never leave each other

*Leave me alone
Never leave me alone
You gave inside of what you are
You said I should
You leave, you leave me alone
Track Name: Deceived (Sara Star Demo)
Close your eyes and let your mind be free
And I will let you know
A different time, a different state of mind
And I thought you'd lead the way

I think our love has gone astray
You won't be remembered
I think that something's dragged you away
We've both been deceived

Do you believe that there's a greater love?
The oceans are getting harder to bare
Think about it before you go your own way
The crowds have turned against you my friend
Over and over

I think our love has gone astray
You won't be remembered
I think that something's dragged you away
We've both been deceived
Track Name: Ode to the Roadie (Sara Star Demo)
He rules the world of hate and shame
Mister lead poisoning was his favorite game
Stabbing the hell out of everyone there
Spitting and cursing with no love to spare
He is the reason you all came to see us

Hey you, what you looking at?
Hey you, I'm on a mass attack
Hey you, you just woke him up
Hey you

He was the swine as he walked down the hall
He gave "the wave" but they've often stalled
He's tried to be nice and he's tried to be fair
But they've done is not even care
He is the reason, you all are so blind

Hey you, what you looking at?
Hey you, I'm on a mass attack
Hey you

* creeps in silver silence
two souls flickering
teenage sacralize, together